Temple Contemporary

One of Narrator's most loyal clients is Temple University's contemporary art space, Temple Contemporary. We are honored to have worked with them over the years and hope to continue producing quality work well into the future. Check it out:


Paula Scher Poster

Temple Contemporary commissioned us to design three separate posters for world renowned designer, Paula Scher. The posters were for a series of different lectures she gave over the course of a year. 


Paula Scher Poster II

Paula Scher's exhibition was in collaboration with the architecture student Keith Hartwig. The idea behind the exhibit was perception. How do you view your city? How would you map your city? How does your perception compare to a friend's? How about a stranger's? It's the same city, shouldn't they be similar? 


Paula Scher Poster III

The final poster marks the opening of the exhibition. This installment is the logical evolution from part deux. The map is now complete and ready to be interacted with. In order to get the full picture, so to speak, you must pull on the bottom of them poster, revealing the title of the show. 


Stefan Sagmeister Poster

Narrator Design had the honor of working getting to meet legendary designer and beautiful mind, Stefan Sagmeister. We were asked to design a poster for Stefan's upcoming lecture at Temple University on "happiness".  We wanted to pay homage to Stefan's out-of-the-box style and pension for deconstructing design fundamentals. What is design? What does it have the potential to become? Does it become something different when you interact with it? The result, an interactive poster promoting cut-out lettering juxtaposed with hand brushed typography. 

Michael Moss Poster Series

A series of posters for Pulitzer Prize winning author, Michael Moss. Moss was giving a lecture at Temple University based on information in his book Salt, Sugar, Fat



This project was created in collaboration with Russell Edling for our freelance effort Narrator Design. Get in touch by emailing: narratordesign@gmail.com